I don’t measure equipment, but we’ll see what we can do The Essence One also supports to increase data volume by upsampling the bit-rate to 32bit corresponding to the original content. Stock vs Muses Submitted by Leonarfd on April 28, – 3: Twin grounding layers also form a shield to block interference. Quad ERA-1 review Part 1. Could it be that the 10Ohm Submitted by Cami on April 28, –

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This is a spare, nuanced piano-and-voice recording, but the Xonar Essence One is constantly nagging at it, constantly seeking to drive it onwards and crowd the front of the soundstage.

With easy setup, it allows you to quickly enjoy high fidelity and stable bit-perfect audio. And delivered the muses edition back. Further, for those looking to get into the hobby with a quality piece of gear that is quick and easy to buy, Swiss Army Knife audio gear is a good way to go.

Asus Indonesia asked me to do this review. However, I did open up the box and switching op-amps appeared to be a rather painless essencce. But whatever it was it’s lost on me. Upsampling is commonly applied esence increase audio finesse with enhanced signal sample rates.

Asus Xonar Essence One USB

I mean, that buffer isn’t exactly ideal for loads of less than 64 ohms, but it still shouldn’t break into sweat driving Grados. Xonar engineers and product managers continuously aim to improve sound quality, resulting in Xonar Essence One Plus Edition launching in June with an Op-Amp DIY kit, which allows customers esence easily tune sound to their preference.


This unit differs slightly from a full-blown “Muses Edition” in that it lacks the gain jumper present in the Muses edition. The specialized layout techniques offer super low cross-talk and well-balanced symmetry between both left and right channels and create the most ever spacious sound field. Using a computer as a source for an audio system is an increasingly common method of making a cost effective digital server cum transport.

The Xonar Essence One is made by Asus. Fail to drive Hi-Fi class headphones with higher impedance.

Submitted by Tyll Hertsens on April 27, – Valve fanciers roll tubes. This, in theory, shifts digital noise even further from the audible frequency range.

Asus Xonar Essence One review | What Hi-Fi?

Redefine High Fidelity and Clarity Digital music sources are an important source for audiophiles. Xonqr that design frivolity, though, the Xonar Essence One is all business.

It’s their take on a worthy gamble. Stock vs Muses Submitted by Leonarfd on April 28, – 3: If not as a main rig, then at least in the bedroom or a secondary location.

Xonar Essence One | Essence Hi-Fi Audio | ASUS Australia

I mean versus concluding that because bright Amps have previosly “proven” to match well with bright headphones, they will most probably do it again. Products may not be available in all ohe.


On the front panel, running left to right, we have the power button, upsampling button, input selector, mute love itspeaker volume, headphone volume, headphone jack. This mechanism feedbacks the buffer status to the system, and the system is based on buffer status to adjust to the speed of the data transfer, which leads to a low amount of jitter in the Xonar Essence One.

Balanced lines are therefore ideal for professional applications where longer cable length noise could be an issue. Truthful audio MUSES 01 components are notable as the first to use oxygen-free copper interconnects, allowing for better circuit conductivity and thus improved reproduction.

The Xonar Essence Oen includes a dedicated ohm-optimized audiophile-class headphone amplifier to drive your headphones, making sure you hear every detail. Also, I’m always for a well implemented Jack-of-all-Trades. Would you be interested in writing one up? Thanks for the kind words everyone. But before we esssence out the red carpet, up the sleeves and get expectantly sweaty hot-swapping 8-legged black critters, did I really just say As noted, I didn’t roll op-amps for this review, opting to stay with the Muses op-amps.

Please refer specification pages for full details.