Indeed, after reading IgnorantGuru ‘s alternate – and informed – opinion please ignore my comments about washers and go with his advice. The following “cookbook” process is an extrapolation, with a tweek or two of my own, from the following four URLs: All the info on the Asus board is very old, and lists a few issues which hopefully by now should be long gone. SP2, hotpatches, special drivers, and even make your install unattended where it will completely install without having to answer a bunch of stupid questions. The same is true for the MB – another reason you want short routes to ground.

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prp One of the previous URLs talks about making boot disks under K3B which would leave the problem of having to rip the bootloader from the WinXP disk to install it on the new installation disk. In this case with the Asus P5QL Prothe network card was not recognized by the Linux distribution I normally use for my server CentOSand after having spend a reasonable time using Google trying to find out what was going on — I successfully figured out: It would have been possible by extrapolating the directions at the following websites: Until the driver in the kernel is updated, I can only see one solution — have two network cards.

It is indeed important to avoid washers in order to provide the multiple, short ground routes that the screw holes-to-case contacts provide.


Linux & Asus P5QL Pro

But what they don’t realize is that even if the component doesn’t fail that day, by being exposed to those charges its lifetime may be shortened. Also use his solutions to get your Atheros Ethernet adapter running. I have a system running a Socket quad core processor q if my memory is correct. February 8th, asjs.

ASUS P5Q PRO linux compatability

Driver “nvidia” Busid “PCI: Lnux parts have not arrived as yet, but I will report back in the coming weeks on how this build goes. Notify me of new comments via email. Once you can read what the error is, you can put these settings back to default if you like.

In Windows you can do it with a program called ” IsoBuster. It looks like it will be a very nice GUI in the future however. I put two aeus rice grains’ worth of compound on the CPU and then screwed on the cooler. I tried installing the Asus-provided audio drivers but this did NOT correct this issue.

Asus_P5QC – Ubuntu Wiki

Disabling those four things mentioned above helped the boot time. Or in a script use amixer: Home My Youtube Channel About. Intel Core 2 Duo E Wolfdale 2. However when I either power up the computer or restart the computer, it always first boots to a black screen with very small white letters saying error of some kind the message is so fast that I can’t read it linus it boots to a bright grey screen with a large ASUS logo and says something like “press del or F8”.


I got the same problem with the driver and the DNS got messed up too.

Join Date Mar Beans Please Log In to post. CPU cooler fit great on this board it’s a rather large cooler with heatpipes that has problems with some board configurations – eg memory slots in the way. Wow, that thing is huge! Suspend and hibernate appear to work normally in minimal tests. For some unknown reason it stops functioning. Comments On Build This was a smooth build.

You can use noop scheduler as an alternative to deadline http: At the time of purchase, my primary goal was to choose a cheap yet power efficient board and thus I decided on this P43 ASUS board. An alternative if you want to keep your logs is to locate them on a conventional drive, or save their contents periodically or on poweroff.

The most annoying thing for me is always the network card…. Thoughts and Conclusion I decided to roll back to Kubuntu 8.