Within my softsynth application I can set the FF sample rate to any of the supported values. One thing I can say with absolute certainty here, even if I limit audio channels in Logic 5. How exactly do you do so? I can even use Winamp and other common media players, all at the same time, and at different sample rates. Bob, can you ask your mate to test it? Hence the “play stops” part of my post. In no case am I asking a new application to ‘take over’ more channels than I have specified.

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This has been a really long email!

This involved opening the audio settings dialogue in Cubase or Reason and simply click the OK button, as I mentioned in my previous posts. I have to doubt that you configured Cubase correctly. How does this go with your quote from NI above? I have spent the evening trying all possible configurations and I have had all sorts of problems.

Regards, Ted Perlman www. I found that often I had to re-assert the audio settings within the application that could not be heard in order to wake up the ASIO driver, as if it had to be made aware that the application that could not be heard was trying to use the driver.


FireWire & USB

Nevertheless, ASIO multiclient operation does work. So fundamentally, asio-multiclient works with the fireface. It doesn’t exactly sound nice electronics vs. An “MME feature” will not help here, your problem must be elsewhere If it’s not working on your computer, it’s definetly not because the drivers are bad. Bob, you said you have a TC Konnekt 24D.

Or is there some sort of Sonar or Mac compatibility issue that drove this policy? They weren’t when I posted and not now either.

ASIO multiclient not working properly (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

I am not entirele sure, however, that the software is actually trying to grab all ASIO channels as you said, because I explicitly tell each application which channels to use and which not to use. This is particularly annoying, because I like to play my softsynths along with some mp3s, and with Fireface I vireface can’t!!! I firrface that’s the problem: ASIO multiclient not working properly Bob, can you ask your mate to test it?

To answer your qestions, daniel.

Maybe you’ve selected the channels you wish to use for Nuendo as Windows standard device also? Who wants to go through that?

You fireafce post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. It can be set to use specific input and output channels very easily by use of the VST connections dialog F4. Maybe Kore has worse converters, it firefqce very limited IO and no mic preamps, but it runs totally trouble-free!


RME what audio interface specifically? Not sure which feature you are referring to exactly. I don’t think it’s enough to test a feature like this on Cubase and then assume that it works for everyone.

RightMark Audio Analyzer test : [ASIO] ASIO Fireface USB

The included switching power supply accepts voltages from to V, thus can be operated all over the world. ONLY by this dialog! I’m afraid this appears to be a user error I am ever so keen to produce music but I just can’t with this thing. Don’t move the brick.

Firevace switch it on and it’s ready to go, it works every single time. With this, the device becomes a sync reference for the whole studio. FW may just not be sufficient for several devices.