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Overcome the hotness

It seems we have heard so much about global warming, environmental degradation and resources shortage recent years. Couple of years ago, the film The Day After Tomorrow strike us with horrible climate change event. After that, there comes Ice Age, well known animation series, telling the story about the melting of ice cap and the animals’ fleeing. Maybe, it’s a cartoon film having nothing to do the serious problems evoked by the climate change. Last year, an inconvenient movie, named An Inconvenient Truth, won the academy award – Oscar.

Last semester, rainbowrain asked me about how to be harmonic, environmentally friendly, and resources economical to the Earth. No innovational ideas emerge in my head. Because of the film, the western news pay more attention to the potential hazard. TIME give a special issue – The global warming survival guide, 51 things you can do to make a differences . Some ideas looks realistic and inspiring. Here I give you all and short explanation from me:

1. Turn food into fuel
    Corn power is more eco-friendly.
2. Get blueprints for a green house
3. Change your lightbulbs
4. Light up your city
    LEDs more convenient than CFL
5. Pay the carbon tax
6. Ditch the McMansion
    Small house is good choice
7. Hang up a clothesline
    primary way of clothes drying , oh, please no
8. Give new life to your old fleece
    reuse your fleece for a new cloth
9. Build a skyscaper
    recycle the resources and energy in the tall building
10. Turn up the geothermal heat
11. Take another look at vintage clothes
    expensive second-hand clothes
12. Capture the carbon
    a new solution to carbon dioxide, to insert to the deep ground for the fuel. Costful, bravely, fabulous idea. What will happen? No scientific evidence give us answers.
13. Let employees work close to home
    less commuter, and we like SOHO
14. Ride the bus
    especially in crowd megalopolis
15. Move to a high-rise
    density means shorter commutes and supply chains
16. Pay your bills online
    a favor of YuZhai (寓宅男)
17. Open a window
    less air conditions
18. Ask the experts for an energy audit of your home
    a new job for future education and training
19. Buy green power, at home or away
    more expensive, but more healthy
20. Check the label
    choose energy-efficient labeled products (ovens, cars)
21. Cozy to your water heater
22. Skip the steak
    Eat less beef. Buffalo have to pay tax on their emission (牛屁)–methane
23. Copy California
    plan strategies
24. Just say no to plastic bags
25. Support your local farmer
    less transportation
26. Plant a bamboo fence
    a favorite living way of Chinese ancient sage
27. Straighten up and fly right
28. Have a green wedding
    big events cost a lot
29. Remove the tie
    I think it’s more comfortable and handsome
30. Shut off your computer
31. Wear Green eye shadow
    makeup is not environmental at all, whether to the Earth of the Female
32. Kill the lights at quitting time
33. Rearrange the heavens and the earth
    deflect the sun’s radiation
34. Rake in the fall colors
35. Play the market
    carbon trading market
36. End the paper chase
37. Think outside the package
    pack your present with a leaf, good idea?
38. Trade carbon for capital
39. Make your garden grow
40. Get a carbon budget
41. Fill’er up with passengers
    make every trip full of passengers
42. Pay for your carbon sins
    carbon sin, the eight sin?
43. Move to London’s new green zone
44. Check your tires
45. Make one right turn after another
46. Plant a tree in the tropics
    deforestation is awful
47. If you must burn coal, do it right
48. Drive green on the scenic route
    say goodbye to your favorite SUV
49. Set a higher standard
50. Be aggressive about passive
    use passive energy for living
51. Consume less, share more, live simply

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