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Before the end of the year of dog

The year of pig (hog?) is coming. Always, we are asked to make a schedule and a wrap-up, particularly, as detaily as possible. At the end of this year, there are a lot of things I have to do, want to do, and shouldn’t do.

    First of all, before going back home, I ought to finish my tasks:

  • 1) A report about the research advance in detecting the vegetation change (land cover change), especially the algorithms;
  • 2) Making an improvement in the existing System Dynamics Model, focusing on the water part.
  • 3) At last, a report about the land cover change in the northern China based on the SPOT/VEGETATION data. As they are all tough works, what I should do is calming down to delicate to complete them with cautions.

Secondly, what I should have had to do, but not yet, is present my sincere appreciations to all my friends remembering me. May be the list is too long, or omitting someone really important. I hope the answer is no.

  • 1) tsing send me such an expensive birthdaygift that I doubt I am still in a dream. It’s a two-year flickr pro account worth $48 (although I madly bear a half);
  • 2) Several Books coming from university classmates: “Noch Mal Leben Vor Dem Tod” (Germany, meaning “Portray of Life” in English) from Xi Tang; “Chun-Lao-Ji” (In Chinese, “Prose Collection: Spring Rice Wine“) from Rainbow. 3) three detective stories written by my favorite detective author – Agatha Christie: “The Hole“, ” The Murder of Roger Ackroyd“, “Death in the Clouds” from cc with a gorgeous packaging selected by Baozi.
  • 3) Cards designed by Stanley
  • 黄庆旭b黄庆旭a

  • 4) Dunhill perfume – Blue Desire from someone abroad and postcards from UK by Alexqiang.

At last, it’s very busy at the end of this semester. Homework occupy a lot of time, and the spare time is shared by secretary work. As I am getting used to these jobs, I should turn my gravity to the research field, such as:

  • 1) English Learning for the GRE and TOEFL tests
  • 2) Data Mining Methods
  • 3) Digital Imagery Processing
  • 4) Programming Learning — IDL

May the aims achieved next year. May everyone fit and healthy! Don’t hesitate to make a progress.

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Happy New Year

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