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ESSP Conclusion


related informations
A pile of information materials

presentations and posters
Posters displayed in the hall.

This ESSP open science conference was co-hold by DIVERSITY (the international programme on biodiversity science), IGBP (the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme), IHDP (the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change), WCRP (the World Climate Research Programme), and CMA (China Meteorological Administration). It’s a first-class and worldwide conferences concerning the Global change, food, health and related geographic themes. If you check the programme carefully, you will find something special. The number of different meeting hall is written as centigrade (a small ring on the right-top of letter). How creative it is!

Lots of presentations and posters give us a window to have a peer on lots of excellent works done by brilliant colleagues and institutions. Such as Stewart Cohen’s work. His works stirred my interest because he use the STELLA (system dynamic softwares I ever used to simulate the land use change in Northern China) too. Furthermore, he belongs to “The Institute for Resource, the Environment and Sustainability“, which has the same abbreviation with my college (http://ires.cn). Aha!

The brief introduction and case study to land use modeling also told my a lot. As I am almost a beginner to model constructions, different models rich my knowledge and inspire some interesting ideas. I know something about the trend of modeling, get some access to some useful resources. I feel really lucky to have a chance to attend this conferences.

Conferences are good for communicating and studying, although I am a shy and relatively introverted guy. The most new informations about GEOSYSTEM were covered by this meeting. And every researchers’ faces look bright, it looks as if the global change is under control. Whatever, Who knows. Future is drawn by ourselves no matter who you are.

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