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ESSP, wall eye knee

The second and third day in ESSP.
essp, session 22
Parellel Session 22. 平行会议22,老板在讲,下面的我们,以及一楼的Posters

Journal to Great Wall
A journal to Great Wall. 八达岭长城部分,注意,那三个字是启功先生的。现在来看,奥运会的气氛已经越来越浓了,旁边的鸟巢和水立方已见雏形,一路上还看见一些体育场所(自行车场馆),八达岭长城上面大大的One World,One Dream的牌子还是很吸引目光的。

I think you will be puzzled about my poster title. The three key works are wall, eye and knee, which are important in climbing the Great Wall. The high wall guard the old empire. When you climb the wall, you will keep your eyes watching the wonderful views and your knees will shake because of the craggedness of road (How hard a horse climb such road with heavy things). In Chinese, the three words’ pronunciation is very close to “wo ai ni” (I LOVE YOU, in English). Interesting, right?


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