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ECCE summer school for advanced study in climate and environment

From July 30 to August 12, ECCE summer school is open in Beijing Normal University.
The school is mainly for the doctor degree candidates and young scientists who study in the global climate change and related subjects. There are four topics everyday and different professors give their speech every lectures. It’s a good opportunity for the researchers communicating their works and learning something else from other institutions. Although the number of students is limited to ~200, auditors are welcome.

The main topics includes:

  1.  the Common Land Model and NCAR CCSM, Yongjiu Dai (Beijing Normal University)
  2. Perspective on climate modeling and modeling land radiation in GCMs, Robert Dickinson (Gerogia Tech, USA)
  3. Land Data Assimilation, Qingyun Duan (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)
  4. Land Ecology, Qiong Gao (Beijing Normal University)
  5. NCC Climate Model, China climate projection, Wenjie Dong & Yong Luo (CMA) 
  6. Coupled ocean-atmo modeling, Tim Li (U Hawaii) 
  7. Regional Climate, Xinzhong Liang (Illinois State Water Survey, USA)
  8. Remote Sensing, S. Liang (U Maryland, USA)
  9. Hydrological cycle, A. Mariotti (ENEA climate section, Italy)
  10. Polar climate variability and modeling, Jiping Liu (LASG/IAP)
  11. Spectral AGCM in LASG/IAP and its application, Guoxiong Wu (LASG/IAP)
  12. Grid-point AGCM in LASG/IAP and Model Assessment, Bin Wang (LASG/IAP)
  13. Paleoclimate, Huijun Wang (LASG/IAP)
  14. Land Suface Model, Zhenghui Xie (LASG/IAP)
  15. Coupled GCM in LASG/IAP, Yongqiang Yu (LASG/IAP)
  16. Satellite Remote Sensing and applications for hydrometeorology, Xubin Zeng (U Arizona), Liming Zhou (Georgia Technical College)
  17. Model Assessment and application, Tianjun Zhou (LASG/IAP)
  18. Short-term climate prediction, Zhaohui Lin (ICCES/IAP)
  19. Dynamical amplification of climate sensitivity of the high latitude surface temperature in response to thermal forcing, Ming Cai (FSU, USA)

And the last day, some participants can show their research work in 10 minutes and it will be interesting sharing informations for fellows with the same age.

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