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Mutisale analysis from remote sensing

Le Wang, assistant professor of Texas State geography, Ph.D. from berkley, give us a presentation about his research work today.

The presentation introduces his current research:

  1. Mutiscale forest characterization from remote sensing: extracting
    the ecological index such as diameter, height and so on. Using such
    method, he carried out research about mangrove  classification nearby
    Mexico Bay.
  2. The inbreak of saltceder (also called tamarisk, a type of shrub
    which need a lot of water and cause the soil saline) along the Rio
  3. How to extract population amount from remote sensing in Texas.

All of these works need high and coarse resolution together. By the way, the IKONOS image usually cannot fit the research and higher resolution images (such as Quickbird) are needed. We can see the distance about the research advance between them and us. Also, Mr Wang said that not only is the depth of research important, but also the breadth. We should present the audience a whole picture about your work, not the method, but the story at the same time.

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