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Writing Class

去偷窥了一下研究生的英语课程,外教教我们写英语作文,今天是第一节课,topic is ideal mate.

When we finished our lists of pre-writing, I found that my partner and I wrote away from the topic. Many classmates wrote words such as handsome, intelligent, brave, versatile, nice smell… However, my partner (you can call her ladybug, because she like wearing colorful clothes with flowers) wrote “he must likes me more than I like him”; “rational and not sensitive” is my key words.The most important is: These key words or sentences describe the mate in our realistic life, but not the ideal mate in our heart. At class we also discussed mid-autumn festivel and mooncakes. But this topic is not creative.

The foreingn teacher is charmful so I think I will attend the class next week. In my word, this foreigner make me regain my confidence in studying English. Ooops~~~~!

PS:If you are interested in writing English, writes at least 3 journal per week.

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