Suits me just fine. First of all the AGP slot is less than a centimeter below the memory banks. Soyo has included a full version of the manual on their CD in order to reduce the cost of supplying a complete printed manual. Other than that, the board design is absolutely flawless. And as we all know in the computer industry, a few months is quite a bit of time.

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The only oddity that I might find with this is the event of having two neighboring card attached via a pass through connector.

VIA welcomed such disgruntled users by presenting them with what appeared to be a universal solution. So much for the smaller is insignificant theory, eh?

Last but not least, the floppy connector is located below the AGP socket, which means that the floppy cable may not be long enough to reach the floppy connector easily in some 133x large sized ATX cases. This fact is certainly overlooked by most.

Good, bad, or indifferent. Normal Graphics quality, low sound quality and all the other default options, demo benchmarked at x Though not as long as manuals found with those Apollo boards, this one is quite helpful and specific in order to get the user’s job done. With the AVE3, it was rather difficult to find any fault with anything at all.


The market is literally flooded by the overwhelming number of Apollo Pro A 1133a motherboards. This means that you can only use one of the devices at a apolloo time as each slot occupies the same cabinet position. Hardcore gamers had no reason to appreciate based motherboards. However, we firmly believe that improvements could have been made to the board’s cumbersome layout. So then what exactly sets the AVE3 apart from the others?

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Though few graphics cards use the “Fast Writes” features, adding this feature would have made the 67KV a board with nothing lacking, especially since we can certainly see graphic card manufacturers incorporating “Fast Writes” on their products in the future.

VIA Apollo Pro 133/133A Motherboard Roundup – February 2000

In fact, Iwill is the only manufacturer which supplies ibased boards with decent yields. With the introduction of the Via Apollo Pro A chipset, pretty much every motherboard manufacturer out there began to release their own motherboards based on this chipset.

Soyo’s 6VCA comes with the full but a bit old versions of the following programs: Well, it was supposed to. Other than that, the board design is absolutely flawless. Read on to find out Of all the boards tested, only Soltek apollo Transcend have included these sensors with their motherboards.

DFI CAEC VIA Apollo A Motherboard Review on

In the last few years Soyo’s boards have build up a good reputation for their overclocking capabilities. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


But like the saying goes Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Windows 98 First Edition, English Busmastering drivers: In the past, appllo have seen quite a number of motherboards which due to size or layout restrictions do not allow for a very large heatsink to be installed.

With all this being said, it is easy to understand why the VIA Apollo Pro A chipset appears to be a more viable option in every respect.

First of all, it is a well known fact that ISA cards are on their way out of existance and AMR devices have not seen much daylight at all. You will see later in this review why the AVE3 impressed us here and also why is just nearly missed receiving our Editor’s Choice award. RDRAM was developed to overcome the memory bandwidth bottleneck by providing very high data transfer rates.

Slowly but surely, Mhz front side bus speeds xpollo becoming the evident standard being set.

Transcend’s position is a very unique one indeed.