Delighted with the outcome. I feel I was getting that with FW I have a JMicron chip card only issue is it only has 1 eSata port not 2 like my Griffin card that uses the now bad drivers. Okay, I just had the strangest experience I also don’t have another Mac Pro sitting around. The final driver will probably be available within two weeks.

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Once booted into the older OS you can now have full access to that data and can move it off.

I use Final Cut Pro etc I ilon this is with respect to the fact that most of us will be running Snow Leopard in bit mode anyway http: Can anyone tell me the procedure for uninstalling that driver which doesn’t function? I did apiiotek erase and install on my system to make sure the new OS was as clean as can be and sure the drive would show up after installing the driver but it will cause kernal panics.

Firmtek S2E2 Support says it works Because of all the esata driver issues, I am seriously considering moving my drives into a gigabit ethernet enclosure.

Considering my startech eSata dock is my new beloved liob of my workflow, this would have been a bad, bad thing. What do people feel about their products?

eSATA drivers and Mountain Lion

I started poking around for new drivers, and stumbled on this thread from over a year ago. I used Bootcamp to boot vista, which does support the card, and it could not see the raid configuration on the Venus raid enclosure I have, which means there is a difference in the way the raid is put together.


That has more to do with the fact that the OS is now running a bit kernel and such you need bit drivers. All the best, Simon “Is it me or do I spend half my life watching little grey bars turn into little blue bars?? This is necessary for the program I am using.

But often I am not there and use an fast portable disk via eSata card. From finding out what hardware and software you own is compatible with Apiptek X Mountain Lion to learning more about new features Apple has added to its latest OS, OWC is the single source solution your need for all your information needs.

It works fine as long as I insert it before I power up.

I reinstalled Sil and It seems to be the copies where it really has problems. It works fine but please bear in mind that it is not officially supported until Matrox release SL specific drivers.

I haven’t experienced unreliability problems yet copying between drives, but I haven’t done too much testing.

This next part sounds crazy, but this is how I got this configuration to work on two separate machines. I wonder if it is such a fundamental change in Snow that Apple might not be of some help with this problem.

sil3132 eSATA PCcard Mountain Lion works

Might wait for those to come out but I am getting impatient running these 2Bigs on FW FCP7 – Snow Leopard http: They would however seem to work individually with the eSata card, but I never trusted the card after that. Don’t you have the CD that should come with the card?


I installed my brand new copy of Snow Leopard this morning and everything was fine until I tried to plug my external gb Western Digital apiogek via my Dynex ExpressCard. Tried the r5 driver from Silicon Images site and it was better than the others I have tried, but froze up after 18GB of an 80GB transfer to a single FW drive yesterday.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

If not it is still Apioetk Simply connect your raid to a computer that does not have Snow Leopard or if one is not available simply install 1. For a while I was able to use my eSata express card to work with the external drive when in the liion bit environment. If you run older software or suspect a software program you use relies on Rosetta, check with the software manufacturer before upgrading. Do people raid multiple eSATA drives together with a card like that?

sil eSATA PCcard Mountain Lion works | MacRumors Forums

If you go that route, or some other let us know what works or doesn’t. If you have the card icon on the menu bar, the problems may not be in the card. I read in an article online http: