Seriously, 12 wasn’t enough? Click to find out! This fixed my issue as well. I don’t know what else could be the purpose of having a more stressful tech USB 3. This content has been marked as final. Besides, more USB ports isn’t that useful.

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Retrieved 2 March It’s the cheap, mass produced memory’s fault. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. AMD chipset series.

Up to 4 slots.

Up to four PCIe 2. Puma PlatformPowerXpress.

List of AMD chipsets

Written by Richard Swinburne. You have to manually install the driver in device manager. Netbook graphics given a boost. Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets.

The raid controller thinks the volume always get degraded, pathetic.

Until flash gets better, slow write speeds wont’ change. I don’t know, but having a SATA on-chip controller or as a separate chip is more than enough for a technology to enable and achieve hi speed transfers.


Open device manager by right clicking the start button and then click “Device Manager”. I’ve also had problems with hubs like devices dropping out and the cheap ones aren’t powered, etc. List of AMD microprocessors. I thought I’d post this here in case anyone else has similar problems and maybe this will catch AMD’s attention and they can update the driver.

Until flash gets better, slow write speeds won’t change. Views Read Edit View history. Well that’s good news. The generic health value reported for secondary further drives of each arrays gives only an estimate: Left, the GX northbridge.

CrossFire X dual x16 or quad x8. The codenamed “Maranello” platform consists of six-core “Sao Paulo” or twelve-core “Magny-Cours” processors.

Inside AMD’s new GX and SB chipset |

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Mine writes much faster than that, btw. Go to original post. The IGP features are listed below:. I have the same problem. Retrieved from ” https: Mobile Chipset, Danube platform. Current technologies and software. However, this is not really related to Hard Disk Sentinel and completely independent from the hard disk model s used.


As the market mad AMD’s homegrown chipsets well since its successful 7-series, the company is preparing a new breed of platform core-logic technologies that will serve swta and upcoming generations of the company’s processors.