Most others defaulted to baud. The correct date was also set by the GPS. It is a very slick and easy method to get the correct time. Intrigued by the GPS syc as well I am making the attempt. What can be difficult is programming the sensor to work as intended for the TIMY. I found it through google.

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Algf can always check the accuracy of the sync by leaving the connections in place and giving all devices a common impulse from a button push or other and checking the time stamps.

I wanted to keep the sensor clean for use in the field and use the jumper for laptop connection when tomy or other GPS usage. I do live my gadgets. I have tried all other transmission selections from the GPS and could only select baud with a text out choice.

I have tried to make the connection but no GPS Window appears as is claimed in the upgrade notes. John How would you sync say an s4 from a Timy or a second timy from the first?

He said that they would be working on the upgrades “intense” so we should see some new stuff soon. I keep promising that I will edit the translations from Austrian to English.


GPS SYnc and another firmware upgrade. |

Did you verify the baud rate on the Garmin? Then the gps-device should send each second the data-string. In order to do that, you have to configure the gps-device first, with a pc. algr

Timg yourself the keyboard command crap and use this for your configuring pleasure. Power is introduced in this cable for use without the TIMY. I built a few sensors up and was very pleased with configuration and operation. You must be signed in to continue.

I had one of my sensors die recently and got around to building a new one. I am not surprised that the AlGE guy uses a serial program to set parameters as they work that stuff all the time. Pin 10, 11, 12 GNDand 2. Membership Required We’re sorry. I then unplugged the gps ti,y and off to the races.

Alge Timy-3 Handheld

The time stamps were exactly the same down to the 10, It is a very slick timh easy method to get the correct time. Manage Follow Preferences Loading DB25 to DB9 adapter with power supply. I have the GPS 60Cx at home and want to try to sync my time with it.


Like Reply 1 Like. Once I was sure of the tx and rx connections it still required a couple of tries to get the timy to play.

I found it through google. Naturally there will be some drift between the clocks the longer that you wait until this test is performed. The correct date was also set by ttimy GPS.

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Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. All should be the same.

The sensor must output a PPS pulse per second signal on a dedicated line along with the standard data stream to accomplish a sync. The 60c will not work to sync a Timy. I also see another firmware upgrade as of July