Whatever the qjackctl parameters I enter there is a delay between the plucking of the string and the sound. I don’t need Guitar Rig any longer. Alesis io 2 and NVidia CK Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I prefer a stock stable distro with the few modest bits of stuff I want added,.

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Oh, i seem to have the same problem as Afuerst It is up to you. Linix Computers with Ubuntu preinstalled How can I find out if my hardware is supported?

Graphic Cards Most graphic cards have very good support out of the box. Presonus VSL supported with the newer versions of alsa See http: Maybe qjackctl will iio uninstalled as well, you can reinstall it later.

Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux? Anyone has a idea since last year?


Upon installing Ubuntu Studio, if the default driver is not good enough for your needs, you will have the option to install a non-free proprietary driver, if such are available. Could not align streams Alesis io 2 and NVidia CK Everything Mixbus does here is just to set the most important settings for the audio interface and qjackctl provides even more settings than Mixbus so therefore it is better to start qjackctl first to handle Jack, and then Mixbus. As Linnux understand JACK, I should route the mic from the left window, into the recording software, in the right window, and if I, for instance, make a beat in lmms that I want to route to ardour, I just connect lmms with ardour maybe it’s a bad example in JACK and make sure they use the JACK-server as the host.


This audio interface is based on the IO2 Express made by Alesis they look identical in appearance and share identical wlesis.

BB code is On. Supported, but may not work well at lower latencies: The basic line is: This is due to most devices not following the 2.

UbuntuStudio/SupportedHardware – Community Help Wiki

I recently bought a new computer and maybe the Hydrogen crashes was due to defect hardware on the old one. This should be inaudible.

I tried to llinux a full comment on how to do it but it has been considered as spam. Note that the devices below do not make a complete list of fully supported usb devices by any way.

I can provide pictures oi my settings later if it’s needed, let me know. I prefer a stock stable distro with the few modest bits of stuff I want added. Try the following command: Today I successfully played sound with Ubuntu I’m also curious as to what kernel, distro and version of libraw and jack you are using?


I do not have Linux Mint installed any longer as I could not figure out how to make the io2 work.

Alesis iO2 Express

Also, for a while I had an issue where jackd would only start if the io2 was the only usb device currently plugged in. Alesis ADAT edit pcr? I finally got it! B] So, the jack2 part: I was happy to hear that someone has the other Alesis IO card working under the latest svn, which makes me think hope that we’re not far off seeing IO26 support?

Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. As I said previously I run a realtime kernel. Article confirming that this device is fully operational: A few devices stand oinux, by either having device specific firmware available, or being usb 2.