Although you can use query synchronization in situations where the instrument response is immediate and deterministic, it often adds complexity to your instrument control application. Performing a query clears the bits in the register, with one notable exception. I am just new to labview and the task that i am trying to come upto is connecting Agilent A to my computer and controlling it with labview. Message 5 of Therefore, if the event changes, the associated bit in the condition register also changes.

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The HP A driver is located in a self-extracting archive file called hpa. Although thousands of instruments perform a variety of different measurement and stimulus operations, there is commonality in the types of albview control operations you perform.

Error with Agilent A – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Let’s look at the situation where an instrument-specific event may or may not occur. If your commands are not dependent on each other, no special command synchronization is necessary.

Message 2 of Send your 8KHz sinewave into an analog input on the green connector card. This application note describes the instrument status registers, which are used to set up the agient for asynchronous communication. To answer, Recall the Sampling Theorem and be able to say something about your sample rate Atilent 8-bit register that represents the following events: Refer to Read with Temporary Timeout — simple. Figure 2 shows a model of the core reporting structure.


Message 4 of Examples This application note references several accompanying examples. The block ayilent of these “program” examples often include utility VIs that you can reuse in your applications.

Polling the status byte, you can obtain summary information about all the instrument events. Message 2 of Below is a list of common situations where you might need query synchronization:.

Message 1 of The implementation details of each approach are in the following sections.

Are there any harmonics? Therefore, it is convenient to categorize the situations so that you can identify the solutions that address your particular need.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Need for Advanced Instrument Control Techniques For most message-based instrument labvieew, synchronous writes and queries are sufficient for robust instrument control. All of references which follow assume Windows Serial poll is a special bus operation where the instrument controller obtains the status byte register value.

However, to more efficiently process commands, many high-performance instruments can process commands in parallel. It can also be obtained on the web at ftp: This application note focuses on IEEE The driver uses Pascal calling conventions.


Typically, query synchronization is used when the response from the instrument is not immediate. For example, when using a DMM, you might want to be notified when a voltage overload condition occurs. However, I found a strange thing I run this vi agolent times Will not appear on the error message, and do not know why?

Refer to your instrument manual on restrictions.

Lab 6: waveform generator

This application note references several accompanying examples. Command synchronization ensures the completion of one instrument operation before the start of a second operation.

What about the alias of 42KHz? Sending a status query to an instrument before reading the response to an existing query results in a query error.