Depending on the card, will depend on how it works in your Mac. Has an extended range; includes excellent software. These are the easiest cards to use. This works without third-party drivers in Tiger, but it requires drivers in Jaguar and Panther. I noticed that some people have had trouble with this type of wireless device, but I am going to check them out. I have used this card under both

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Unknown Compatibility The following cards I know about and am looking for. Two Excellent FireWire Hubs.

You can put Wireless cards, USB cards, firewire cards, etc aeroard the slot. Most PC cards can be ejected by dragging their icon from the desktop to the Trash; in addition, there should be a little hole next to the PC card slot into which you push an opened paperclip to eject a card or reset the locking mechanism.

I have had my pismo for a while now and never needed this function, so I don’t have a clue if it should be a deal breaker or not if these parts are missing or nonfunctioning. What sets the WPE apart from the competition is both its output power read range and its software. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Belkin F5D CardBus Posted on Arrocard 8, 2: I take a look at which cards work. Join our email lists! It requires no additional software and works with Depending on the card, will depend on how it works in your Mac.


The card works fantastically, and the utility is very simple to set up. Earlier models were not AirPort pxmcia, while later models require an AirPort bracket to install it.

John Beeler John Beeler. You should be able to use your Apple gear as long as it helps you remain productive and meets your needs, upgrading only as necessary.

Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Hi all I’m back with another stupid question. This card was tested in OS8 and reported by Lucas Salzman.

Macsense Products – AeroCard Universal

Ad-hoc network feature is unreliable; documentation for OS 8. Updated Info on Using WriteNow. Donations Donations Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. Has an extended range; includes excellent software. There are a number of people on eBay selling these cards, the main one being a seller called Value Solution.

MacSense AeroCard Extreme (WPE-800)

Additionally, the software that is supplied with the WPE is full featured, easy to configure, and for the Classic Mac OS comes with a very handy and informative Control Strip Module. Feb 8, 5: Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Unfortunately for users of the Classic Mac OS, the documentation that is included with the WPE isn’t well written or well organized setting up the card in OS X is pretty straightforwardso someone that is new to wireless communication may initially aeroocard it harder than it should be to properly configure the software for the WPE Also, while the WPE ostensibly aericard creating an Ad-hoc wireless network between multiple computers without needing to have an access point, I found this type of configuration often didn’t work properly and frequently froze the computers that were in the Ad-hoc network.


I’m truly happy to hear it has nothing to do with the CIA! Feb 9, 7: Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Mar 2, 7: Posted on Feb 8, 1: