Adaptec RAID 1: Andrew 5, 2 30 I’m sure the aacraid module is loaded: The harddisks replaced 2 Seagate 3TB drives 2 years ago because of the same issue. SJaguar13 1 4 The plugin is suited to monitor a host via NRPE as well as a local host.

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Specifically less than 10 persons all are developers and no system administrator. I’m running a small IT company. Our experts adxptec sharing their knowledge with you. The Adaptec raid plugin is already integrated in the TKmon service catalogue.

Continue from this topic, the newer kernel booted successfully but it doesn’t see my sdc – which is a hardware RAID array level When I check to which which drivers There are 2 possibilites to modify cache settings in the Adaptec Storage Manager. Bad block discovered, but which drive? Talked with the datacenter and they This page was last modified on 2 Mayat The user nagios has to call arcconf without providing a sudo password. Radek 1 7.


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How to activate updated drivers in Hyper-V I am working on getting a host setup using Hyper-V Server R2 but am running into some issues with drivers. I’m sure the aacraid module is loaded: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Adaptec Raid1 on Debian failed Stripes its my 1st question here so please be kind. Tim 1 6. The plugin is suited to monitor a host via NRPE as well as a local host. What is the right cache settings for Adaptec raid cards? This command must be the same as the one on the Icinga side adaptex the host definition. Adaptec RAID 1: What to do with it?

Is this normal, or is this a fault? Jason 5 We recently purchased a few servers, one of which is Adaptec doesn’t rebuild the array for changed disks I had a 4 2450 RAID 10 configuration as 2 logical arrays on one of my servers and noticed that the server was down.


CentOS 6 + Adaptec + Samsung EVO SSDs | Web Hosting Talk

Logical device are setted as “Missing”. Lucas 4 8. Freshly installed ESXi 5. We assemble and deliver in Europe within 24 hours. Any ideas how to install old drivers for adaptec’s family 5 controllers in xenserver 7?

So now I am asking the question being a I am so to say the owner doing much of work.

Have a look at Thomas-Krenn. I found this link to modify an Ubuntu install CD.

The use case for this storage is to have a non-backed up repository of data for a set of users to In other languages Deutsch Polski.