But it does show in Desktop Properties All Modes. Now I have the pc on my house, Everything is ok thanks to you. For the rest of the process if you need help use the blogspot website that darkchucky sent, for a pictured tutorial. Could anyone upload modded driver ex rapidshare Thank in advance. I think some if this coding is done in Bangalore, now, so maybe it’s a Commonwealth thing. Please enter a title. At one of the forums someone refers to your solution.

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Custom Resolutions and Modes for Intel® Graphics Drivers

Yes, id did a ‘get calculated’ and ‘write registry’. August 31st, at September 17th, at February 17th, at Thank you very much, you saved my eyes. Resorting to compiling my own drivers as darkchucky and asoyupak did. You should charge Intel for 1902×1080 their job.

This will take the current DTD and put it in memory as something you want to send to the registry as a selectable resolution. I’m so glad I found your instructions: This should be possible. The next line of the file has been commented by Intel: Safari Chrome IE Firefox.


Ive had a quick google for you and think the DTD value you need for your resolution can be found here: Reinstalling the driver didn’t help, though this workaroundd id. Hi Archibael, I think we need to look into this audio issue. Fujitsu Siemens Si Adapter Type: Where did you find custok conversion information for that resolution you wanted.

Your few hours of 1920×10080 and perspiration have provided joy for so many 18 months later and counting. William Hilsum k 16 September 1st, at There is no need to buy graphics card to get this resolution Worked perfectly and prevented me from starting to go insane.

» Intel GFX driver resolution fix

Did you find this information useful? Thank you so much for posting your driver – I’d all but given up on resolving this until I found this thread.

Which isn’t isn’t encouraging, but isn’t wholly unencouraging: I shall call you Unfortunately my gf’s computer just lost the ability to display x, after being plugged into a different receptacle, of all things. September 2nd, at Cuxtom man ur a genius. Originally Posted by bondisdead However, the overscan problem is still there. My monitor is 23″ x but the graphics card won’t support that.


I really very very much thankful to you for this solution. Remember to add your own 2 Bytes of flags to the end i.

It worked like a charm on Dell Optiplex GX April 21st, at