Then move the socket lever to the locked position while holding pressure on the center of the CPU. Disabled USB dev ice can’ t w ake up sy stem from S3. Unplug your computer when working on the inside. Disable USB key board support. LED cathode – Pin 1: Default v alue Enhanced Parallel Port.

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GIGABYTE 7vm333m-rz Motherboard Socket a 462 System Board

Also please make sure the pin assigment on the cable is the same as the pin assigment on the MB header. Enabled Enable Modem R ing on function. Default v alue In standby mode S1: It allow s y ou to limit acces s to the s y stem and Setup, or just to Setup.

Please change the insert orientation.

English 7vmm-rz motherboard layout, 7vmm-rz | GIGABYTE 7VMM-RZ User Manual | Page 6 / 36

In this way you can still attach the motherboard to the base without worrying about short circuits. If a hard disk controller card is used, please set at “Disabled”. The author assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this document nor does the author make a commitment to update the information contained herein.


Disable USB key board support. Default v alue Disable this function.

Disp lay Cn trlr -Bus 1 Dev 0 F unc 0 higf: Disabled USB dev ice can’ t w ake up sy stem from S3. Enable onboard Serial vgs 2 and address is 2E8. Please remove the question mark and restart the system System will auto-detect the right USB2. Note that the spec ifications of y our driv e must matc h w ith the driv e table. Remove the battery, 7m333m-rz for 30 second.

You will be asked to confirm the passw ord. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Default v alue Press pow er button 4 sec to Pow er off.

Please make sure the CPU type is supported by the motherboard. Disable onboard Serial port 2. Enabled Enable onboard 1st channel IDE port.

It allow s y ou to limit access to the sy stem. Click each item to install the driver manually or switch to the to install the drivers automatically. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Enter suspend if button is pressed less than 4 sec. Reverse the installation steps when you wish to 7vm333n-rz the DIMM module.


All, But Key board The s y stem boot w ill not stop for a key board error; it w ill stop for all other errors. Default doesn’t include the “Shunter” to prevent from improper use this jumper.

If you want to erase CM OS Q- Flash Load Fail-Sa fe Defa ults Fail-Safe defaults contain the m ost appropriate v alues of the s y stem parameters that allow minimum sy stem perform ance. The BIOS will automatically detects memory type and size. Apply the thermal tape or grease to provide better heat conduction between 7vm333m-ra CPU and cooling fan.

Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components. To install the memory module, just push va vertically into the DIMM socket. Memory size can vary between sockets.